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Today I wanted to share two drawings I did inspired by an artist that sadly I cannot figure out who it is. If anyone knows of the artist please feel free to comment below so he/she can be acknowledged properly. After seeing the drawings and how pricey they were $$$ I decided to create my own version of the drawing by simply recreating the seen and changing the characters using the same concept. Here is the inspiring photo below: 

Artist Unknown (If you know the artist comment below)

So from this picture I was inspired to create my own version that I tried to replicate for my own personal admiration. 

By: Jasmine Gonzalez

I started off by drawing all the elements for the piece which was so much fun and exciting to see coming together!

I then colored the picture in using my NEW Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. I was so excited to get these in the mail! I ordered the 150 count on Amazon which is where I found they were the cheapest. 

By: Jasmine Gonzalez
For some odd reason I cannot rotate (but you get the point)
Here is the finished piece which took me longer to color then it did to draw it!  :0)

But wait there's more!!!

I got carried away and had so much fun drawing these and making a scenery behind the focal image that I also drew another!

For this particular image I used acrylic paints. I also made the brick background by using the brick "Wall to Wall Textures" stamp from Bo Bunny. I then heat embossed the image so that the brick can feel and look textured. Using that technique also helps with staying in the lines and keeping the stamping clean as I was able to wipe the paint off the embossed portions on the brick. Love this image! 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Jasmine Gonzalez

My name is Jasmine,and I am a Mom who loves all things crafty! My son who helps me get motivated! I started with a love for scrap booking and that turned into loving all things paper craft. After finding all the awesome things I could do, I decided to make this blog and share it with everyone! I truly enjoy card making, watercolor, acrylic painting, mixed media journaling, and even building my own shelving and desks for my crafty needs. I've gone mad for crafts!!!

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